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Feeling lost at sea navigating cyber?

Ember Lake provides unbiased advice and guidance, helping our clients streamline their IT strategies, understand and minimise risk, and meet regulatory compliance. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience, across an array of industries, including Financial Services, Government, Banking, and Insurance.

Executives are tasked with fighting an invisible enemy that changes daily and evolves to target even the smallest of weaknesses. Without proper controls, adequate testing, and fostering an attitude of awareness, it's impossible to know what attack vector the bad guys will take next.

Enter Ember Lake, Caymanian-owned and made up of on-island cyber professionals. We take pride in supporting our clients in the fight against sophisticated and anonymous attackers. We live and breathe cybersecurity so you don't have to. If you're tired of worrying about the security of your organisation, contact us to let us do what we love most: protecting our clients from the bad guys.

At Ember Lake, we understand your business comes first. Our approach aims to find the balance between protecting that business without impeding productivity.

We believe that every client interaction is an opportunity to share knowledge and work collaboratively to fight back against the bad guys. We strive to remain agnostic in order to better be able to advise our clients based on best fit solutions.

Regardless of the efforts taken to secure a network, there’s always residual risk. No two organisations are the same—that’s why our assessments are catered to each client and specific to their needs.

Whether regulated by a regulatory body, data privacy law,  or a requirement for a specific framework compliance, we’re here to help you navigate the details.

Have a security-centric project that you want an extra set of eyes on? Curious if that “one stop shop” was a jack of all trades or a master of none? We’re here to help you sleep easier.

Contact us today to speak with one of our cyber professionals to see how Ember Lake can help.