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At Ember Lake we understand your business comes first. Our approach aims to find the balance between protecting that business without impeding productivity. We believe that every client interaction is an opportunity to share knowledge and work collaboratively to fight back against the bad guys. We strive to remain agnostic in order to better be able to advise our clients based on best fit solutions.

Ember Lake was born out of a necessity after years of working with organisations where cybersecurity was an added bonus and not a main focus. After months of conversations and reviewing the evolving cyber landscape in Cayman and the wider Caribbean, a need was identified and pin-pointed. We designed Ember Lake as a purpose-built cybersecurity firm. One that is vendor-agnostic, providing the best service possible and focused on delivering results. We're unapologetically dedicated to elevating awareness and security levels of companies on island, Ember Lake is not an MSSP, MSP, or outsourced IT provider.

We aim to do one thing and do it well: cybersecurity.

We could go over the combine decades of experience we have working In cybersecurity and global organisations, the Industry-backed certifications, or call out the dozens of speaking opportunities, but everyone else does that. Instead, we’d love to get the chance to get to know the business of our clients’ business and how we can help them achieve their goals by doing what we do best.

Ember Lake has since helped numerous customers navigate regulatory requirements by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), identify vulnerabilities through Penetration Tests and Security Testing, and understand organisational risk with Cybersecurity Risk Assessments. With each engagement, Ember Lake has built trust and lives by the ideology of providing cybersecurity services with no frills or gimmicks, while remaining truly independent with one goal in mind: use our knowledge to elevate awareness and security levels amongst our clients.

With experience providing IT services and cybersecurity consulting, we have the knowledge and skillset to not only help identify and protect against threats your organisation faces, but to also understand the impact it has on the bottom line. Every partner at Ember Lake has worked in several industries prior to working in IT, so we know that the 1’s and 0’s need to translate to dollars and cents.

Contact us today to speak with one of our cyber professionals to see how Ember Lake can help.