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Each assessment performed by Ember Lake is tailored to fit your needs and specific to your organisation's industry and regulatory compliance requirements. Because of the overwhelming number of potential vulnerabilities that attackers leverage in their attacks, we categorise our assessments into three main pillars for easy identification. Each assessment produces a professional report detailing the scope, methodology, findings, proof of concepts and recommendations for remediation.

Each assessment has the same goal in mind: provide high quality service that exceeds our clients' expectations. Although the assessment type may change, the core process follows the same pattern.

No matter the engagement, each is purpose built to offer effective and best in class service. We pride ourselves on operating as an extension of your team and providing as many information sharing opportunities as possible. With regular cadences and carefully curated deliverables, we aim to provide actionable information to your team or IT provider to take the guess work out of remediation.

Cybersecurity Technical

These assessments are purpose built to simulate scenarios real-life hackers could take against your organisation to find vulnerabilites before they fall into the wrong hands.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Designed to review technical controls and processes, our Cybersecurity Compliance assessments provide required third-party attestation to the security of your organisation.

Cybersecurity Advisory

Our Advisory services offer your organisation a valued third-party opinion on implementation, provide guidance, or outsourced asisstance.

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