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For specific clients, a dedicated Information Technology team doesn't fit into the budget. Leveraging a trusted third-party can provide experience and knowledge at a fraction of the cost of hiring directly. Whether a simple implementation project or a large scale deployment, our team can help you navigate each project as an extension of your team.

The ever-growing threat landscape has created a global shortage of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. In the US alone, there are as many as 715,000 cyber security roles to be filled. [1] These skill shortages leave many organizations with a wide risk exposure that is difficult to address. IT Management as a Service aims to fill this gap for organisations that may not have a budget for a dedicated Information Technology team but still requires assistance.

At Ember Lake, our partners have over 35 years of combined leadership experience in a variety of roles within Information Technology, including development and cybersecurity. Not only do our partners know what it takes to plan, develop, and implement a wide-array of projects, but they have experience performing them as well. This approach allows greater efficiency to keep your organisation running smoothly.

Our IT Management as a Service oversees a wide array of technologies, ranging from implementing a Cybersecurity Framework and navigating regulatory compliance to implementing server structure to house business-critical software applications. Regardless of the size of the project or organisation, we can provide IT Management experience when needed without the required annual salary of a full time hire.


Contact us today to speak with one of our cyber professionals to see how Ember Lake can help.