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The ever-growing threat landscape has created a global shortage of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. In the US alone, there are as many as 715,000* cyber security roles to be filled. These skill shortages leave many organizations with a wide risk exposure that is difficult to address. Our virtual CISO program aims to fill this gap for small- to medium- sized organisations.


Whether it be a CISO, CTO, or CIO, these top-level executive roles ensure not only that your organisation is protected but include designing and sustaining the organisation's Information Technology security, strategy, and vision. These roles are created to push the organisation's goals, invest in technology and staff, respond to incidents, design appropriate standards and controls, and develop and execute on standards, policies, and processes.

Ember Lake has several members that have acted as these high-level security roles in their career and bring the expertise you need. Outsourcing or leveraging a virtual CXO can help reduce costs and ensure experts are providing ongoing development and structure to your Information Security posture. With our experiences within these roles and working within Information Security, we can take the guess work out of implementing your cyber security program and establish clear communication with the board of directors, investors, and government agencies.

Whether you need one of these roles to satisfy specific regulatory requirements or growth within a region, Ember Lake has the skillset and experience ensure the virtual CXO position your organisation for success.

Contact us today to speak with one of our cyber professionals to see how Ember Lake can help.